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Are you looking for the best online psychics to get a free reading? At, we review the best psychic sites and readers as voted for by our users. Whether you’re looking for RELATIONSHIP, FINANCE or CAREER help, speaking to an online psychic can help you choose the right direction…

May 2019

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Keen Psychics
4.4 (87.75%) 80 votes
Expert Review
3 Mins Free or 10 Mins for Only $1.99
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  • 300+ Psychic, Relationship & Tarot Readers
Keen Psychics
4.4 (87.75%) 80 votes
Expert Review
4.4 (88.21%) 39 votes
Expert Review
3 Free Minutes + 50% off your first session
  • 300+ accurate readers
  • Established since 1999
  • Best for Fortune Telling, Palm Reading & Spells
4.4 (88.21%) 39 votes
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Psychic Source
4.6 (92.86%) 14 votes
Expert Review
Call or Chat Now from $1 per Min
  • Chat from $1 per min
  • Chat, phone AND video answers
  • Up to 90% off your first reading
Psychic Source
4.6 (92.86%) 14 votes
Expert Review

Why Speak to an Online Psychic?

Are you struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one? Have you been carrying a great sadness for years because of something you wanted to say to someone, but never got the chance to say? Get closure with the best online psychic mediums available today. Your session is just a click away.

There are many tools to help you find the best psychic mediums – online psychic advisors that can help you make contact with loved ones on the Other Side. Want to know where to find the best psychic sites with the most reputable online psychics and real mediums? Read on and we will share our

What sites do you recommend for finding the best psychics?

1. Kasamba – Get Your First 3 Mins FREE!

screenshot kasamba mediumsKasamba is an online psychic website that has been around for over twenty years. They have a section on their website dedicated exclusively to their online psychic mediums. And they offer the first 3 minutes free.

Some of Kasamba’s prices run a little bit higher than other sites, but you can easily start with a chat or email to make sure that the medium you are considering is the right fit for you. Plus, they offer a money back guarantee.

The reviews on the Kasamba site generally indicate that their clients are happy with what they pay for, so this may be a good place for you to start. Love specialist, Isabelle, is one of their highest ranked mediums and has a per minute rate of $10.75 with a 5-star rating.

2. Ask Now – Get 5 FREE Mins with an Expert Psychic on Your First Reading

photo psychic trinityAskNow has a great filter feature on their website, where you can choose the exact qualities you want in a psychic medium, and go from there.

Psychic Trinity has 20 years of experience as a Spirit Guide and her specialty is consoling clients in their time of grief. She has a five-star rating and special $1.00 per minute introductory offer.


3. Oranum – $9.99 in FREE Credits when You Join!

Oranum is a very interesting site offering live streams with their psychic mediums. It is a nice way to meet your psychic and get a feel for their energy before you start. Truthsoul is one of Oranum’s top-rated mediums who is a 5th generation medium! Oranum operates on credits, so you don’t get billed per minute in the same way as on other sites. It’s a nice way to ensure that you don’t spend more than you planned to!

Want a Real Medium Now? Find the Best Mediums in 4 Short Steps

1. Go to our verified Psychic site,

2. Sign-up and select your psychic medium.

3. Submit your card details to enjoy 3 FREE Minutes.

4. The psychic will call you for the reading!

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Infographic on Things that People Believe In

The infographic below reveals some of the interesting things that people believe in. This includes the number of people that believe in psychics (54%), the number of Iclelanders that believe in invisible elves (54%) and how the CIA invested in programs to harness psychic energy. Read on below…


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Why is it important to find the best psychic medium?

Online psychics offer many services, from tarot readings to chakra balancing to communication with spirits. The best psychic advisors will tap into your energy field to tell you which energies are affecting your situation. They can see things beyond our everyday three-dimensional plane. Things that only true psychics can see.

But a true medium can actually make contact with spirits who have crossed over to the Other Side. They can relay messages that a loved-one may not have been able to communicate before they departed. So, you can imagine how disappointing it would be to discover that a psychic did not really make contact with the spirits around you, but simply told you something they thought you wanted to hear.

The best psychic mediums will know information about you and your loved ones that nobody could possibly guess. And they are the only ones who can really communicate messages for you. For something this important, it makes sense to make sure that you are in good hands.

There are many online psychic sites that offer readings with well-reviewed psychics, many of them claiming to also be mediums. But how do you find the best one?

Step 1: Know what you are looking for in a medium

First, it is important to know what differentiates a true psychic medium. Mediums are clairvoyant, but not all clairvoyants are mediums. What that means is that all psychics have clairvoyant abilities and they are able to tap into energetic fields around you beyond the daily world that we live in. But some special clairvoyants also have the ability to communicate with the dead, animal spirits, angels or other messengers.

If you are trying to reach someone who has passed to the other side, then a true psychic medium is the way to go!

An online medium reading differs from a clairvoyant reading in that it photo crystal amethystspecifically makes contact with spirits that are around you. If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, it is very likely that their spirit is around you and may be wanting to communicate.

A medium acts as a channel, allowing the spirit to communicate with you. The medium acts as a translator or messenger. Spirits often have urgent messages that they need to send to their loved ones. Sometimes it is because they left this world suddenly and didn’t get to resolve unfinished business.

Therefore, using a true psychic medium to open up a channel of communication between you and your departed loved one, can be a healing and uplifting experience. It can help both of you to heal and move on. An online psychic that is a true medium can help you in your healing process. If you work with someone who is not a true medium, you will not be able to find real closure.

Step 2: Look in the right places

The best way to find a great medium is by word of mouth or referral. If you have a friend who had a great reading, chances are that they found a real psychic. But be sure to ask what kind of a session they had, because true psychic mediums are a very specific thing. You don’t want to end up with a clairvoyant when your goal was to communicate with a specific person.

If you don’t have any recommendations from friends, you can also try asking around at New Age stores. Many psychics will post their services or have regular working relationships with owners, employees and customers. It can be a great place to start!

If you don’t have any references and you want to use the convenience of the internet to find the best medium, your best bet is to use a reputable website that has a proven track record and lots of positive reviews. Some of our favorite websites like Keen, Oranum, Kasumba, and AskNow, have been around for years. The bios and skill sets of their online psychics are easy to find, and reviews are clearly posted. You can also use psychic reading directory services like Free Psychics to compare the best psychics and free minute offers.

Step 3: Test your connection!

A great way to ensure that your online psychic medium is a good fit is to give your connection a trial run. Most legitimate online psychic websites offer the first few minutes free or offer a free chat with your chosen professional. That means you can try out the first few minutes with various psychics until you feel that you are sure about your decision. Then you can go ahead and schedule a full session.

Oranum online psychics logo

One website, Oranum, hosts psychic live streams, where you can watch your psychic or medium in action. This is a great way to see if you like the way they work and if they seem to resonate with you. Sometimes it is simply an energy thing – does their voice feel soothing and do they seem authoritative? Are their perceptions specific? Do they speak with experience?

Step 4: Use best practices to avoid scams

There are also some general best practices that you can keep in mind when you are trying out a new online psychic reading to avoid scams. A psychic medium the should not be asking too many questions. Instead, they should be telling you what they are seeing or feeling, and their statements should resonate with you.

The best mediums want to make sure that the information that is coming to them is coming directly from the spirit. For this reason, they will not want you to give them too much information so that the messages don’t get mixed up. If they know too much about you ahead of time, they might be influenced by what they think or know while they receive the messages. That is why the best mediums will never ask you too many questions before the session.

Online psychic mediums may receive messages in the form of visual symbols or images, physical sensations or auditory messages. They can communicate these messages to you via phone, chat or even email. What is most important is that the messages make sense to you, and not that you are trying to make sense of the messages.

Is it okay to get a medium reading by phone, email, sms & text?

Yes. Psychics don’t need to be in the room with you to tap into your energetic field. They can work with you online through the web, psychic phone chat, psychic sms, or even a psychic email. And this holds true for clairvoyants and mediums.

A psychic medium opens up a channel of communication between you and a spirit on the Other Side. If a spirit is around you and wants to communicate, that spirit will make him or herself known to the medium. They will adjust their vibrational frequency to communicate with the medium in a way that the medium can perceive and understand.

  • First, the psychic medium will connect with your energy.
  • Second, the medium will ‘look around’ to see which spirits are around you.
  • Third, they will tell you who they see.
  • Fourth, they will begin to communicate the messages your loved one is sending.

When a medium mentions that they see a spirit around you, you should know quite quickly who they are talking about! If the suggestion seems totally wrong or like a stab in the dark, you might be with a fake medium. The spirits that typically want to communicate are lost loved ones or people that we knew well or are important to our family and friends. They should be recognizable.

But all of this can easily happen over phone or text, so you shouldn’t worry about whether or not the psychic is physically close to you or not.

How much do readings with online psychics cost?

AskNow online psychics logoOnline psychic readings are typically charged by the minute, and prices can range from $1.99 to $50.00! But there are many introductory offers out there to help you find the online psychic or medium that is perfect for you.

And remember, higher prices don’t mean better quality! There are ‘celebrity mediums’ out there who don’t have real psychic abilities, using tricks and scams to persuade their customers. Then there are wonderful, real, psychic mediums who give special introductory offers and specials, and might be willing to give you a free trial. Don’t discount them because their services are cheaper.

Set your budget and then begin shopping around. And remember, you can always schedule a second session. Take your time and be sure of what you want, and then make your decision carefully. offers a free psychic chat for the first few minutes, giving you the opportunity to decide if you want to continue or not.

AskNow online psychic call or chat

The online psychic website AskNow offers the first few minutes at a reduced rate. You can try out several psychic mediums for as little $1.99 per minute.

All of the websites that we recommend guarantee their work in one way or another, so that you can be confident in your decision.

Ready for your first reading? Get it below and give us feedback

We would love to hear if our information was helpful in getting you connected with the best psychic medium on the web! Please visit us again and leave your comments below!


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