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Psychic Source
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Psychic Source
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Psychic Source Review

Psychic Readings Available

  • Email readings
  • SMS readings
  • Phone readings
  • Horoscope readings
  • Tarot readings
  • Free readings
  • Dream Interpretation


Pros and Cons

  • long-standing and reputable company in business for over 29 years
  • a wide array of truly vetted, gifted, and experienced psychics advisors to choose from
  • a wide array of different psychic reading types to suit your needs
  • the option to receive your reading by phone, chat or video from any device
  • their kindness initiate to help support communities in need
  • a low introductory rate for new customers and 3 free minutes
  • you control how much you spend and are only charged for actual talk time
  • a satisfaction guarantee, or your money back
  • You won’t get to meet your psychic in person, only speak via chat, video or phone
  • After the initial introductory rate, to work with their best psychics it can get more expensive, up to $9.95/minute

When struggling with a relationship question, or figuring out what’s the next best step in your career, you can often feel compelled to reach out for guidance and advice. Friends and family already have their own opinions set (some of which you might not want to hear!) so what about seeking advice from an impartial, non-judgmental source, like a psychic?

This is when many people turn to psychics, when they feel at a loss to make a decision or are questioning the best path to take in their life. But this can also be a vulnerable time when people are more susceptible to being taken advantage of.

So, if you’re going to seek out help from a psychic, you have to be sure you find one who is honest, compassionate, legit and will be able to offer you wisdom from the highest sources of truth. This is where Psychic Source comes in.

Long held up to be one of the most reputable sites online for getting a psychic reading, we wanted to see for ourselves whether the psychics at Psychic Source are the real deal, or a scam!

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What is Psychic Source?

Psychic Source is a network of professional, vetted psychics who are compassionate and here to serve you in helping you find direction and clarity. They’ve been serving clients for over 29 years, and pride themselves on having caring, knowledgeable psychic advisors.

When you visit Psychic Source, you’ll see you have options to choose a psychic based on which format you’d prefer- phone, video or a text chat, or you can choose a psychic based on the type of readings they offer, or around the subjects they specialize in.

Whether you’re looking for a love psychic to help you in your relationship, or a psychic medium to help you connect with loved ones on the other side, the Psychic Source psychics are a vast community of professional and ethical psychics that can help you answer some of life’s most pressing questions.


Types of readings offered:

  • Angel Card Readings
  • Astrology Readings
  • Cartomancy Readings
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Energy Work
  • Lost Object Readings
  • Love Readings
  • Love Tarot Readings
  • Numerology Readings
  • Past Life Readings
  • Spiritual Readings
  • Tarot Readings



What’s the difference between each type of reading?

Angel Card readings:

Connect you with Angelic guidance- they are usually very positive and inspiring and give you information that will only serve you in your highest good. The advisor may connect directly with your angels, or use a special angel card deck to receive their wisdom

Astrology Readings:

Astrology is one of the oldest tools used in psychic and spiritual readings, and it doesn’t end with your sun sign! If you know the time and location for your birth, you will be blessed with a vast resource of knowledge about why you’re here, what your purpose is, what your struggles are and your unique skills to overcome them. You can get advice around where the stars and planets are currently and what’s upcoming, in relation to your own personal birth chart, to help explain your current situation and plan for the future.

Cartomancy Readings:

In cartomancy, a psychic uses a 52-card deck of playing cards to reveal insights around your past, present and future. It is a divination tool, like tarot, which utilizes symbology and numerology along with the psychic’s own insight to reveal some answers for you

Dream Interpretation:

So much can be revealed in our dreams by our subconscious minds, yet can be hard to interpret once we wake up! These psychics are pros interpreting what the symbols and energy presenting itself in your dreams means for your waking life, and how to use that knowledge to guide you forward on your path for the future.

Energy Work:

The psychic advisors who do energy work focus on your energy body, your aura and chakras, and can send healing directly to your energy system even from a remote distance, no matter where you are in the world. This helps to bring balance to you energetically, so that you may feel more balanced mentally, emotionally and physically as well. Your energetic system affects every other system in your body and energy healing can create a world of difference in finding clarity and balance in your life.

Lost Object Readings:

Have you ever driven yourself crazy not being able to find something you vitally need? You may not think of psychics as a first resource to help you, but they can be surprisingly insightful and helpful, to help you potentially locate the lost item, restore your peace of mind and explore your feelings around the potential for its loss.

Love Tarot Readings:

Questions about love and relationships can be the most common when you seek out a Tarot reading, and these love tarot readings focus on answering those questions of the heart, providing insight into the full situation and bringing light to factors which you could not see or weren’t aware of.

Numerology Readings:

The origins of numerology are ancient and vast, and connected with the mystical belief system called Kabbalah. It is believed that numbers represent fundamental truths about ourselves and our lives that can help guide us in making decisions and finding peace within ourselves. It has been used in every culture from ancient civilizations to present day, all over the world.

Past Life Readings:

Have you ever been curious about your past lives, about reincarnation, karma, or how those past actions of your soul experience could be affecting your present day life? That’s exactly what these past life readers look into, to see what experiences, wisdom, gifts, struggles and solutions you carry with you from your own soul’s vast wisdom.

Spiritual Readings:

Spiritual readings tend to answer the bigger questions, the soul-stirring questions as to why you’re here, what your purpose is, the best path in life to take, and what your soul truly desires. These readings help guide you into bridging that gap between everyday reality and your spiritual life, so you can bring your spiritual awareness into practical daily life. They can help reveal the soul lessons and deeper meaning behind struggle and the limiting belief patterns that may be holding you back from the future you truly desire!

Tarot Readings:

Tarot cards are one of the oldest divination tools in history, and are still used effectively today to reveal insights into our subconscious. The advisors will pull cards specific to your questions, look at their placement and relationship to one another, along with their own intuitive insights, and use that to reveal information and advice that can help you presently and give you more knowledge of what to expect in the future to come.

You can learn more about each type of reading right at Psychic Source, along with selecting a specific psychic who specializes in each style!


How to find the psychic advisor that’s right for you

You don’t have to know the type of reading you’d like, you can also simply peruse the see of shining advisor faces from the Psychic Source network, peruse their profiles and select which ones seems most appealing for your particular situation.

Keep in mind that with your changing experiences and moods at the time, a different advisor may appeal to you on a different day! Trust your intuition and let it guide you to who you feel most led to.

When choosing a Psychic Source psychic, you’ll want to look at…

  • Their experience and specialties- does it match the situation you have? If you want to connect with your Great Aunt Ida who crossed over, make sure you choose a medium and not someone who focuses on Lost Objects, for instance
  • Other user reviews- remember that some people have bad experiences with a psychic simply because they weren’t told what they really wanted to hear, and they take out their sense of disappointment with a negative review- but reading through the other member reviews can give you a sense of that advisor’s overall reputation and level of helpfulness
  • You can also listen to a personal voice message from each Psychic Source psychic, and some also have welcome videos- from their profile page, you can click the speaker icon to listen and get a sense of their personality, style and what they have to offer, to make sure it feels like it could be a good fit!
  • Their pricing! There’s an array of prices to choose from, mostly based on the psychic’s experience and positive reviews, so you can work within your budget to find the advisor that is perfect for you. There is also special pricing available for new clients as low as $1 per minute!


The best Psychic Source psychics

If you can’t decide which reader to choose, Psychic Source creates a resource for you with their staff picks, choosing stand-out and compassionate readers who they think the public should know more about!

You can also sort through the advisors by star rating, to see which readers have the highest percentage and largest amount of readings and five star reviews. There are many excellent options to choose from at Psychic Source who have done thousands of readings to satisfied customers.

A few of their readers with the higher star ratings and accuracy are:

  • Psychic John x8318: With over 20 years of experience, he has the ability to communicate with your loved ones who have crossed over, and to assist you in matters of love, relationships and finances. His readers are extremely in depth and meaningful. And he’s bilingual, in Spanish!
  • Psychic Kristine x8223: She’s an honest and direct psychic with over 2000 positive reviews on Psychic Source, with the gift of clairaudience and a unique divination style that allows her to gain answers quickly
  • Psychic Barbara x7866: With 35 years experience of professional readings, it’s no wonder she has thousands of positive reviews. She’s had the ability to channel angels and Spirit guides since a young age and likes to cut straight to the truth
  • Psychic Lily x7782: She comes from a long line of mediums from both sides of her family, and her gift is speaking with passed loved ones, communicating with animals, and helping people understand their twin flames


Should I try out a new advisor?

You may also consider trying out one of the new advisors to Psychic Source, as they may be new to working with the company, but they are not new to the business of reading professionally for clients.

  • Psychic Source only hires the best, brightest and most gifted psychics that apply to work with them, and many of them come to Psychic Source after they’ve already had many years, sometimes even decades, worth of experience.
  • They go through an interview process and provide sample readings, even if they have proof of all their experience to back them up, and only after the screening process are they able to become a “new” reader on the Psychic Source site.
  • Seeking out the new readers can be a great way to save some money, as they usually start at a lower rate and often Psychic Source even has a 25% off sale on new readers!

The newer Psychic Source psychics are looking for customers to provide their service to, to build up their clientele on the site, and start to create the wonderful feedback they can expect. By choosing them, you are helping them increase their visibility and grow their business, while receiving a nice discount at the same time.

It’s a win-win!

In the sort by menu on the left hand side of the site, you can filter your search to find all the new advisors and see if there’s one you’d like to give a try!


How is Psychic Source unique compared to other psychic sites?

Not only does the reputation for Psychic Source precede them, making them a stand out among the crowd, they also have some unique traits that make them one of the best sites online to seek psychic advice from.

  • They thoroughly vet all their psychic advisors, with a background check, an interview and multiple sample readings, before they are able to become advisors on the site. Not all psychic sites online take the same care and consideration into making sure they only have the best psychics in their fields available to members. Many of the advisors there have as many years of experience as Psychic Source has been in operation- over 29- some have been doing it even longer! At Psychic Source, you know you’re in good hands with experienced, professional psychics who have heard and helped with it all at some point!
  • They have some unique offerings in terms of unstructured readings. Unstructured readings are those that don’t rely as much on tools, such as divination techniques like Tarot, but rather are based on what the psychic senses about you. The advisor may use their clairvoyance, clairaudience or clairsentience to sense your energy, they may contact Spirit guides, angels or ancestors from the past, they can take you into your own past lives, or read your aura and balance your chakras through energy work. If you’re looking for more than a traditional tarot reading, there is a wide array of reading options available at Psychic Source that make it truly unique in its field.
  • They have a kindness initiative which gives back 1% of your purchase to your selected charity, their contribution on your behalf, if you choose to do so
  • They have a blog updated by some of the gifted advisors there who share their secrets to getting better readings, thoughts for the months ahead, advice in love and career and other words of wisdom to share.
  • At Psychic Source you control how much you spend are only charged for time you talk to an advisor. No hidden fees. No surprises on your bill!
  • They have a special new customer offer that starts as low as $1 per minute!


Ready to choose your psychic now? Check out these SPECIAL OFFERS

  • For new customers, Psychic Source offers special deals as low as $1 per minute, when you purchase a block of time as small as 10 minutes. (You’ll want at least 10 minutes with your psychic advisor to get some good information!)

  • PLUS, you’ll get your first 3 minutes free, so you can determine if you’d like to continue with that psychic before you start paying for it.

  • They also have a 100% money back guarantee on all psychic readings, so you can feel safe to try it and trust that you won’t lose your money if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

How to ensure a more accurate reading

As someone seeking out a psychic reading, the weight is not entirely on the shoulders of the advisor to provide accuracy to you. They are not be all, know all, magical entities, they are simply talented, gifted humans like you! There are some things you can do up front in order to ensure you receive a reading that will truly enhance your life and provide you with the insight you need to move forward into the future you desire.

Have questions prepared beforehand

So you don’t waste time thinking of what you want to ask. The more open and broad your questions are, the more vague answers you may receive. The more specific your questions are, the more specific your psychic advisor will be able to be. It is important to think about what you want to ask!

Come with an open mind.

If you’re already firmly set in your opinion on the question you have in mind, you will be closed off to receiving guidance for it. If you’re only looking to hear one possible answer that you’ll be happy with, if you hear anything different, though it may be essential and helpful information, you may be closed off to it. Leave your presuppositions at the door if you really want to be open to receiving insight from the subconscious realms.

Find a reader you trust and have a good feeling about.

Make sure you look through the profiles, look at their experience and choose a reader who you feel good vibrations from, who you resonate with, who your intuition is leading you to. At Psychic Source, you can ask for a new reader if you’re unhappy with one, but you can discourage that from happening if you take time to research them a bit first and make sure you’re feeling aligned with your choice


So yes! It’s apparent that the Psychic Source psychics are legitimate experts in their fields and definitely not a scam.

Have you tried Psychic Source yet? We’d love to hear your feedback on your experience with them- leave us a comment at the end of this post!

And if you haven’t tried them yet, now’s a great time to do so with their $1/minute special offer for new clients. Head over to Psychic Source to find the right psychic for you!

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